Statement / Point of Departure

My last solo show at the Bromfield Gallery, in 2017, was called “Soap” and was inspired by a seemingly mundane bar of soap on the sink outside my studio.

The circular motion created when I washed my brushes with it had formed a hole through its center. My studio-mate found it visually compelling, took a picture of it and sent it to me. I was immediately struck by the humor of its origin, but also saw potential in the many ways I could transform it to take on a new life.

Later that year, my son — knowing about my soap obsession — was in Peru and brought me a bar of Peruvian soap. Once again, this became my “point of departure”. I photographed and manipulated it in Photoshop and turned the images into Polyester Plate Lithographs. The prints either then have a life of their own or I can transform them into unique sculptural artists’ books.

Which leaves me now wondering what my next obsession will be.

Point of Departure
peruvian soap, mixed media box book
5" x 7" x 3"