Statement / And the Beat Goes On

The images in my prints and artists’ books begin with photographs that I’ve taken out in the world of seemingly mundane things that I happen upon. I then manipulate them in Photoshop and transform them into hand printed Polyester Plate Lithographs, mixed media pieces or sculptural, unique books. The origin has always been inconsequential - it is the alteration process that gives the image its new life.

Something that has always been important to me is that my work is somehow connected with my other work - that there is a dialogue between the pieces I create, how one piece generates an idea for the next.

That connection is something that has clearly changed. One day I might do a print, the next day I might begin a book. A few days later I might find myself tearing up prints that I did in the nineties and creating mixed media pieces or even transforming them into funky box-like sculptures.

My last exhibit at the Bromfield Gallery was in June of 2021 and was called “A Long Strange Trip.” Since Covid began, a long strange trip is what my practice has become.

And the beat goes on.


Building Space II
shaped polyester plate lithograph
27" x 23"