Statement / What a Long, Strange Trip it's Been

On June 4, 2021, when my exhibit "A Long Strange Trip" opens at the Bromfield Gallery in Boston, my life will have been changed by Covid-19 for 443 days.

On March 13, 2020, I stopped going into my shared studio and began working in my home living room. For many years my studio practice had been about photographs I'd taken of seemingly mundane things I came upon to which I was visually attracted. I would then photograph them, transform them in Photoshop, and then turn them into Polyester Plate Lithographs and sculptural Artists' Books.

The origin had always been inconsequential — it was the alteration process that gave the image its new life. Because Polyester Plate Lithography is a process that uses oil-based inks I was unable to go into my cooperative printmaking studio (Full Tilt Print Studio). As a result, I began making Gelli prints at home. Because Gelli prints are done on a printing plate made of gelatin, I work with acrylic paint to image them as it's a lot easier to clean and requires less space.

March 13, 2020, was also a very important date for me. Not having any idea how long we would be homebound due to the virus, I decided to begin making a Concertina Book by adding a page a day. Each page has a "dash" — which is part of a print I had previously made — but decided to cut up and transform into small rectangular shapes. On March 30, 2021, when I received my 2nd Covid vaccine, "378 Days, 378 Pages" was complete.

Something that has always been important to me is that my work at any one time is somehow connected with my other work — that there is a dialogue between the pieces I create, how one piece generates an idea for the next.

That is something that clearly has changed. One day I might do a print, the next day I might begin a book. A few days later I might find myself tearing up prints that I did in the nineties and creating mixed media pieces or turning them into mixed media books or even transforming them into funky box-like sculptures.

"A Long Strange Trip" is what my practice has become in the last 15 months.



"What a long, strange trip it's been!"